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I have known Andy Pea for over 10 years, I have always found him to be an inspiration to me as an artist.

Andy is a very skilled, passionate, and committed artist. He has recently completed a commission to deliver a large piece of community art working with local school children and the local authority. This has been well received in the community and has brought art to the street where it is visible and can appreciated by all.

Marjorie Brabazon H.C.C.

A big hearty THANK YOU. I had a lovely time at Freedom Fest. 


Everything went as smoothly as can be expected with our particular brand of organised chaos, and A big thank you to Andy for his tireless efforts and taking care of us. Absolutely ace. Somebody give that guy an award! 


Tina Fance

Associate Producer


Andy is absolutely fantastic! His enthusiasm, passion and endless creativity sparks such joy into the children he works with. I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Andy on two projects so far this year, including a fantastic large scale mural that saw the children’s own designs come to life.


The children absolutely loved working with Andy and are looking forward to working with him again soon. He goes above and beyond to ensure that all the children’s ideas and opinions are valued and adapts his work regularly to accommodate their ever changing ideas. Andy is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see the incredible art work he produces in the future.


Thoresby Primary School


FS2 / School Art project lead.

It was a pleasure have you working on our site. From the first meeting, to getting the design through and then of course seeing the artwork come to life!


I know John and Maddie really enjoyed being able to help out – I don’t know if many other artists would let others touch their work! But it gave the site team a great sense of pride.


When working with us you were always polite, clean and tidy and generally a good person to have around.




Katherine  Batch

Director  Sewells on the Go



Roger Millward project


Massive thank you again Andy - you nailed it! A beautiful tribute to a Rugby legend!

Tim Wigglesworth Director CityCare / Shared Agenda

Words cannot do justice to roles of both AndyP  and Sharon in all of this. They did not need to be at the wall first thing in the morning until late at night, juggling meetings and other commitments in between. They did not need to be checking if we were ok for coffee, lunch etc. They did not need to be up the scaff in the dark with paintbrushes. But they were. Because they believed in the vision. The vision that if we can do this we can do anything I have absolutely no doubt that because of that grassroots commitment and determination, Hull will absolutely smash City of Culture year.


Up 'Ull-fast!

Hope to see you all soon,


Paul Burton

BBC One Show Northern Ireland

Andy is an amazingly creative and passionate person.  He is a very talented artist who skilfully makes relationships with pupils of all ages and enables them to drive projects forward. The work he produces alongside the children is of an incredibly high standard. Andy is an absolute pleasure to work with. 


Cath Corner

Head of School

Thoresby Primary School

The best testimonial I can give for Andy P's artistry is to recommend that anyone should visit The War Memorial Mural commissioned by Cottingham Parish Council in Cottingham Memorial Gardens, Hallgate, Cottingham. After seeing Andy's previous works on Hessle Road and other areas we commissioned Andy to produce this magnificent mural. 

From the planning stage through to completion Andy was an absolute pleasure to work with.


He consulted with the parish working party, local schools and residents of Cottingham before coming up with the final design, Andy even visited Hallgate Primary School, gave talks to the children, getting them and staff involved, culminating in a whole school project where-by the children painted poppy stones to add to the mural setting. On the commemoration day, everyone, Hallgate’s headmistress, teachers, every single pupil, councillors, war veterans and members of the public, visited the gardens en mass. Class by class the children lined up to lay their poppy stones to add to Andy’s design. Once again the mural must be visited to be appreciated. "Well Done" Andy.


Ann Abel


Cottingham Parish Council

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